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Secure online transactions – NBG CY 3DS

National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd, aiming to provide even greater security at online card purchases, upgraded the customer identification procedure when performing online card transactions!

The new procedure is carried out through the Bank’s new mobile application, NBG CY 3DS.

The NBG CY 3DS mobile app is provided free of charge to all National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) cardholders.

It is a 3D Secure Authentication solution that allows you to conduct e-commerce transactions with strict security and with a simplified authentication process, with the help of biometric recognition (digital fingerprint or face recognition).

  • How to get the NBG CY 3DS app

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  • How to use the NBG CY 3DS app

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  • General information 
    • The NBG CY 3DS app for smartphone or tablet devices will replace the previous authentication method which is done by sending a One Time Password via SMS
    • If you don’t have a smart smartphone or tablet device, you’ll be able to verify your identity when you trade online by the One Time Password via SMS method
    • Through the NBG CY 3DS application, your online card transactions will now be verified using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Your identity is strongly verified when performing online card transactions, by applying the new EMV 3DS security protocol. This ensures your online card transactions and significantly reduces the risk of fraud
    • Verification of your electronic card transactions is done using biometrics or a personal identification number (PIN), in the NBG CY 3DS application
    • Using the NBG CY 3DS app, your identity is now easily verified. You can purchase securely online without having to remember large and complex login passwords
    • The use of the application is mandatory in electronic card payments within the European Economic Area
    • The application complies with EU Payment Services Directive 2015/2366 (PSD2) and the certified MasterCard 3D-Secure v.2.0 which ensures both a comprehensive user experience and the highest security standards for online card payments
    • To complete your transactions using Strong Customer Authentication, simply download for free the NBG CY 3DS application:
    • Push notification or OTP is for a specific transaction, so every time you make a new online transaction to merchants participating in 3D Secure, you will be sent a new notification or a new OTP
    • Your smartphone or tablet must be connected to the internet when using the NBG CY 3DS application
    • When you do business with merchants who are not yet participating in 3DSecure internet transaction services, your card will still work without the need to use the NBG CY 3DS application
    • If you have set up a standing payment order to an e-commerce merchant, you do not need strong identification every time a payment is made. Your identity is verified with strong customer identification only the first time you pay using your card
    • If you need further assistance, please contact the National Bank Branch you are working with or call +357 22040000

Virtual Personal Assistant

New service from Mastercard for the support of local small and medium businesses that is offered free of charge to all Mastercard Business Debit cardholders of National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd.

Mastercard Business Debit

Travel Insurance Program  click here

Subject to terms and conditions

Benefit from the travel insurance program, which covers you and your family, in the event of accident or other unforeseen incidents that may occur during your trip. By purchasing the tickets with your MasterCard you can access this insurance cover.

The Travel Insurance Program covers among other:

  • Accidents — up to €100,000
  • Flight cancellation or delays
  • Luggage delayed or missing

General Information

International debit cards that offer to the officials of the businesses and their businesses an important number of facilities.

Mastercard Business Debit, enables you, through the contactless transaction technology, to carry out your business transactions up to €3,000 daily and manage your business expenses instantly, easily and securely. You can use your card at millions of locations displaying the Mastercard logo and the signaround the world, directly debiting your account.

Contactless transactions in simple steps and with absolute security.

Using contactless transaction technology, Mastercard Business Debit provides additional convenience and speed in all your purchases at merchants equipped with the special terminals displaying the contactless logo.


  • Hold the card for a few seconds in front of the terminal.
  • For transactions up to 50 euro, the transaction is completed without entering the PIN(*),
  • For transactions more than 50 euro, enter the PIN of the card, if requested.
  • When you hear the sound (beep), your transaction will be completed.

In addition, it enables its holders to expand acceptance to millions of MasterCard-branded businesses around the world, online purchases and fixed orders.

At the same time, it is still a useful tool for making your bank transactions, such as cash withdrawal through ATMs.


  • Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the card click here.


  • Cards cost table click here.


(*)  For your safety you may be asked to enter the PIN for transactions equal or less than €50.