Corporate Social Responsibility

NBG Group’s CSR Policy

CSR Policy reflects the keystones of the CSR framework and determines the CSR Action framework for the Bank and its Group. The CSR Policy should be used by the Boards of Directors of NBG subsidiaries as a guide for delegating authorities and responsibilities for the planning, implementation and control of each subsidiary’s CSR Action framework.

 The purpose of our CSR Action

The Bank and its subsidiaries aim for high standards of corporate citizenship by preserving and promoting universal human values as well as the social, intellectual and cultural value systems of the countries in which NBG operates. The Bank further ensures that the CRS Action framework also remains aligned to the long-term interests of its shareholders.

Our Values

  • Respect for Human Rights
    The Bank and its subsidiaries fully comply with decisions that forbid cooperation with countries, businesses or persons supporting violence and terrorism
  • Respect for the environment
    The Bank and its subsidiaries believe that environmental responsibility, through the adoption and implementation of specific environmental policies, constitutes an integral part of good corporate conduct
  • Social contribution
    The Bank and its subsidiaries seek to contribute to social cohesion and advancement in their respective countries of operation and support efforts to address global social and development issues
  • Contribution to Art, Culture and Education
    The Bank and its subsidiaries endeavour to enhance and promote cultural values and actions in the realms of art and education in each country of operation
  • Independence
    All the CSR Action of the Bank and its subsidiaries is undertaken independently of any individual customer, shareholder or other related party interest. The Bank and its subsidiaries do not provide direct or indirect contribution or funding to political parties

CSR Action Areas

The NBG Group’s CSR Action, reflecting NBG’s CSR values, is implemented in the following major areas:

The community

The Bank and its subsidiaries seek to extend support to social solidarity programmes, to the work of widely respected bodies and organizations addressing social issues, and to vulnerable social groups and individuals.

Their contribution is translated into sponsorships for awards, scholarships, research, publication of various works, books and special editions, support of scientific work, particularly conferences, covering the full range of the sciences. Their support and assistance extends also to various organizations promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, which reflects NBG’s commitment to contributing to an environmentally sustainable future for all. They also provide for knowledge and research needs, offering books to the libraries of various Universities, Technological Institutes and other social organizations, and NBG-owned IT equipment to educational and social foundations.

Lastly, they sponsor various national and international athletic events, such as the organization of meetings and sports federations, as well as individual athletes for their preparation and participation in international championships and Olympic Games.


The Bank and its subsidiaries support music and the visual and performing arts through contributions to various cultural activities and events, and sponsorships for encouraging and promoting historical and cultural awareness and continuity, the preservation and restoration of monuments, archaeological excavations and publications of cultural and historical interest.

They further contribute to the organization of various conferences and other investment and finance-related events by offering support and assistance, including availability of NBG premises to third parties for events.

They provide for the recording, maintenance, preservation and enrichment of the works of art belonging to NBG’s Art Collection, lending works of art to various cultural bodies for their participation in various exhibitions in Athens or elsewhere in Greece as well as digital photographs of works of art to various bodies and individuals.

The Environment

The Bank and its subsidiaries consistently implement NBG’s policy for environmental protection and sustainable development, with a view to contributing to the staff’s and, in turn, shareholders’ and customers’ awareness of environmental issues. The Bank monitors and constantly improves its Environmental Management System, in compliance with international standard ISO 14001 and in line with international trends. It also provides for compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and integrates environmental protection standards into NBG business, setting targets on the basis of appropriate criteria and assessing the direct and indirect impact of its activities on the environment.

NBG’s Environmental Management System focuses on the conservation of natural resources, the rationalization of work-related travel and commuting, the effective management of paper and reduction of solid waste, the adoption of environmental standards in procurements and the implementation of a policy for the analysis and assessment of environmental risks in the processing of financing.