Corporate Banking

Solutions for Large Companies

  • Roll over Credit facilities
    National Bank provides for your working capital requirements.
  • Floating rate loans for business premises
    Are you planning to renovate your business premises?
  • Floating rate loans for the purchase of equipment
    Are you planning to renew your equipment?
  • Leasing
    More than just leasing: real solutions!
  • Loans in Foreign Currency
    Financing for short-term credit requirements in the currency of your choice…


Current account with an overdraft limit

Facility used to enhance the liquidity of the business and meet its working capital requirements.

Current account facility against receivables (postdated checks)

Offers financing against credit sales invoices and claims from domestic clients. This form of financing enables conversion to cash assets on a constant basis and at the same time can reduce management cost.

  • Loan package designed to meet a wide range of the enterprise’s needs as well as those of the businessman, including:
  • Loans for working capital purposes: They aim to satisfy urgent, special or more permanent needs in working capital of the business.
  • Loans for the purchase of equipment: Financing aiming to cover part of the investment cost of the businesses with regard to the replacement / expansion / technological upgrading of its equipment.
  • Loans for business premises (extensions, renovations, construction, acquisitions): Financing aiming to cover part of the investment cost of the businesses with regard to the extension, renovation, construction or acquisition of premises used for their purposes.
  • Loans for investments in renewable sources of energy: Financing that aims to cover part of the total investment cost with regard to the set up of units exploiting various sources of energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass etc.). The amount of the financing depends on the amount of the total investment required, the viability of the project etc.

The ΝΒG officer in charge will help you select the form of financing /credit line that best meets the needs of your business. Specific terms such as interest rates, grace period, repayment schedule, securities etc shall be provided accordingly.

How can you obtain the above Credit Financing?

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How will you receive more information on Credit Financing to businesses of the National Bank?

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