International Presence

The National Bank of Greece, with the biggest and most powerful presence in Greece, but also with its dynamic profile in South-Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean leads the biggest and most powerful financial services Group in Greece.

It was founded in 1841 as a commercial bank and until the foundation of the Bank of Greece in 1928 it had the seigniorage. It was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since it was founded in 1880, while since October 1999 the Bank’s share deals in the New York Stock Exchange..

The NBG is a credit institution operating legally, under the Greek community banking legislation and especially L.2076/92 as applicable today, which as it is known, incorporated into the Greek law the second 89/646/EEC banking directive of the Council of European Communities.

The NBG Group offers a wide range of financial products and services responding to the constantly changing needs of businesses and individuals, such as investment operations, stock exchange dealings, insurance, asset and liabilities management, leasing operations, factoring.

With its most complete Network, having 571 Branches and 1.413 ATMs, it covers the entire territory of Greece. In parallel, it develops alternative sale networks of its products, such as the Mobile and Internet Banking services. Today, following the recent take-overs in South-Eastern Europe, the Bank’s Network abroad includes 983 units.

The deposit accounts that exceed nine million and the loan accounts constitute the most important proof of the trust of its customers which is also the driving force of the bank.

In the framework of its strategic orientation in the market of South-Eastern Europe, the NBG took over, in 2006, Finansbank in Turkey and Vojvodjanska Bank in Serbia.

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