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Stock trading services.

NBG Bank (Cyprus) Ltd in cooperation with Ethniki Xrimatistiriaki S.A., one of the biggest brokerage firms, broadens your investment options by offering you the chance to invest in the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) as well as in other international bourses.

This cooperation offers you the possibility to utilize infinite investment options easily, quickly by a simple and flexible procedure.

For more information you may contact us by calling +35722 460751 / 2

Briefly, we inform you that you have the following options:

In which markets can you invest?

  • Cyprus Stock Exchange – CSE
  • Athens Stock Exchange – ASE
  • Europe – emerging markets
  • England, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland.
  • United States of America
  • USA – NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Canada
  • Asia – emerging markets
  • Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Malaisia, Thailand, Singapore

Service Procedure – What is required?

Visit any Branch of the NBG Bank in order to sign the service provision Contract and open a trading account.

Which are your benefits?

Broadening of your Investment Options

Access through Ethniki Xrimatistiriaki to the ASE and the most important international markets, easily, quickly and with absolute security.

Constant and valid update

Ethniki Xrimatistiriaki produces daily info-bulletin on the course of the stock exchange and the Greek economy and at regular intervals issues analyses of listed companies at the ASE as well as investment strategy notes. You may obtain them through the website of Ethniki Xrimatistiriaki //

Trading Security

  • The security of your stock exchange tradings is guaranteed since their settlement takes place through your bank account at the NBG Bank (Cyprus).
  • The debit of your bank account takes place only after the execution of the purchase order and not upon entering it.
  • Automatic credit of your trading account upon every share sale.

Competitive service pricing

Low trading commission for investments in the ASE through e-trading of Ethniki Xrimatistiriaki

Trading service by phone

You may receive service for your trading by phone and consequently you do not need to come to the Bank (+357 22 460750 or 753, 754, 755).

Trading service by electronic means

You may use the electronic network of Ethniki Xrimatistiriaki (e-trading) in order to carry out your stock exchange trading at the Athens Stock Exchange as well as to follow the balance of your trading account and your portfolio. Please ask as to inform you in detail.

Automatic collection of dividends

Ethniki Xrimatistiriaki shall see to the collection of your dividends and credit of your account with the respective amounts.