The Current Account with overdraft limit is designed to meet your daily needs and expenses for the current month.

What do they offer you?

  • Withdrawal of money – without notice – up to the amount of your credit limit, which will be proportional to your financial capabilities
  • Monthly Account Statement
  • Checkbook
  • ETHNOCASH debit card for payments in Cyprus and abroad, as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs
  • Automatic payments of utility bills (EAC, CYTA, and Water Supply) or other regular payments and obligations (eg, loan installments, credit cards, life insurance)
  • Automatic credit of the account with your salary / income

Beneficiaries are natural persons with permanent residence in Cyprus.

How do you get your Current Account?

Take the first step in acquiring the package by clicking here and fill in the preliminary application for “Current Accounts” by selecting the title “Current Accounts” from the product list.

A bank’s representative shortly will contact you in the way you indicate to inform you about the National Bank Branch to which you should address and the necessary information that needs to be provided.

How do you get further information on National Bank Plans?

For answers to specialized questions click here and fill out the relevant form by selecting the title “Current Accounts” from the product list.