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The purpose of the student loans is to cover the cost for graduate and postgraduate studies in Tertiary Education Schools in Cyprus and abroad.

The scheme also offers the possibility to those clients that shall have already benefited from the student loan, to ask for the grant of an additional loan with the aim to cover the expenses for their postgraduate studies.

The disbursement of the amount takes place gradually up to four years, depending on the duration of the studies.

What does it offer you?

  • Loan up to an amount of € 80.000
  • Repayment duration up to 20 years after full disbursement
  • One of the most competitive floating interest rates in the market
  • Grace period up to four years
  • Interest, capital and premium repayment on a monthly basis
  • In all cases interest payment starts immediately after the first disbursement
  • Payment of the full installment (that is, when the capital as well shall start being repaid) can start up to even one year after full granting of the loan or four years after the beginning of the studies, whichever is the soonest
  • Repayment by standing order, without any charge
  • Life Insurance with Ethniki Insurance (Cyprus) Ltd offering coverage to the borrower against death or permanent total disability with competitive premium
  • Possibility to grant a current account limit
  • Possibility to grant a credit card limit

How will you obtain the student loan?

Take the first step to obtain the student loan by clicking here and fill in the preliminary application on the Student Loan, by choosing from the products’ list “Student Loans”.

We will respond to your request promptly.

How will you receive more information on student loans of the National Bank?

For more information click here and fill in the respective form, by choosing from the products’ list “Student Loans”

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  • You run the risk of losing your immovable property if you fail to regularly pay the installments of the mortgage or any other mortgage loan on your immovable property
  • The mortgage may change from time to time the interest rate and the repayment installment of the housing loan
  • Approval of loans is subject to the granting of satisfactory guarantees for the Bank on behalf of the applicant
  • The Bank, however, reserves the right to reject any application in its judgment