Personal Loans

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Solutions for your Family, Employees, Students and Investors

Loans to satisfy every personal needs or consumer wish of yours.

What do they offer you?

  • Repayment in monthly equal installments, with automatic free charge of your account at the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd
  • Maximum duration of the loan 20 years subject to securities
  • One-off disbursement of the Loan
  • One of the most competitive floating interest rates of the market.

Beneficiaries are individuals having their domicile in Cyprus

How will you obtain the personal loan?

Take the first step to obtain the personal loan by clicking here and fill in the preliminary application on the Personal Loan, by choosing from the products’ list “Loans to Individuals”

We will respond to your request promptly.

How will you receive more information on the loans to individuals of the National Bank?

For more information click here and fill in the respective form, by choosing from the products’ list “Loans to Individuals”

Soon, we will contact you to reply to your questions.